Benefits of a Pet Friendly Workplace

Benefits of a Pet Friendly Workplace


The Pawfect Coworker!


If you’ve been to our Thousand Oaks location, you may have been greeted by our furry coworkers Olivia, Mau or Stevie. Pet-friendly workplaces are certainly the cat’s meow in today’s business culture.

Several studies have found there are many benefits for employers and their employees. Businesses that allow pets in the workplace can help reduce stress, increase employee productivity, and improve morale. Snuggle breaks with our furry coworkers make employees feel relaxed and happier.


Naturally, some employers may have reservations about adopting a pet policy. The best way to determine if bringing a pet to work is the right fit for your company is considering if a pet-friendly environment fits your company’s culture.

We’re working our best life with our four-legged friends. Next time you’re in our office, say “Meow” to¬†Olivia, Mau and Stevie!