Heartworm Disease in Dogs

Dogs contract Heartworm disease from mosquito bites. When a mosquito bites a dog, a worm is transferred that invades the heart and the blood vessels in the lungs. Major symptoms of heartworm in dogs begin to show in about six months and can include:

Coughing or fainting after exercise
Weakness, lethargy or avoidance of physical activity
Stops eating, loses weight or becomes anorexic
Difficulty breathing or breathing rapidly
The chest appears to be bulging
Asthma or allergy symptoms

Due to the year-round warmth and humidity we have in Texas, heartworm infection is a threat all year long.

The American Heartworm Society states that all dogs should be tested annually for heartworm infection. This month we’re offering an amazing special in honor of Heartworm Prevention Month. When you buy a year supply of Heartgard for your pup, you’ll receive a complimentary heart worm test. For appointments please call us today at (210) 495-8245.