Veterinarian Jobs in San Antonio, TX


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  • A friendly compensation package
  • The chance to earn equity for future ownership
  • Full medical insurance and malpractice insurance for our full-time associates.
  • Generous Paid Time Off
  • Encouragement for Continued Education
  • Work-Life Balance With a Flexible Schedule

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Veterinarian Jobs in Texas

Looking for a veterinarian job in San Antonio, TX? Wondering whether San Antonio is the right place to start your career or even move for work in your new chapter of life? Well, we are here to help! Let’s discuss open job positions at Traveling Tails, the benefits of living in San Antonio and why we may be the best employer for you.


Traveling Tails Vet Clinic is a specialized vet clinic that offers various services, including wellness, preventative and vaccinations, dental care, surgeries, spay and neutering, bath and boarding, and lab and diagnostics.


Recently we’ve opened our clinic doors to the people of the Northeast side of San Antonio! As a primary care facility for our furry friends, we aim to provide people-centered pet care experiences. The services are delivered by a friendly and compassionate team of professionals that thrive on ensuring healthy pets and happy pet parents. Everyday at Traveling Tails, we strive to provide exemplary service and hold our staff to the highest expectations.


As a practice, we stand strongly behind the Golden Rule of vet practice that requires that we treat others as we would like to be treated and treat all pets as we would our own.

Jobs for Veterinary

We may have the perfect job for you if you’re looking to work in a vet practice. No matter the role, we understand that work-life balance should be prioritized, so we offer customized working hours to give you peace of mind. The clinic is closed every Saturday and Sunday, but if you need access to our facilities, they are open to our associates all 7 days of the week.

We encourage everyone to apply no matter their experience since we have various roles open for our clinic! Open positions include associate veterinarian, exotic animal vet, and veterinarian technician positions. If you’d like to see all of our available roles in detail, check out our careers page under the About Us tab on our website.

How many veterinarian jobs are available?

We don’t have a specific number yet since we are actively growing. Apply now!

Benefits of Working with Traveling Tails Vet Clinic

A friendly compensation package

A well-paid vet is a happy vet! We offer generous pay for our associates.

The chance to earn equity for future ownership

If you’re head over tails for the clinic, we offer the chance for you to earn equity for future ownership.

Full medical insurance and malpractice insurance for our full time associates.

Our full time associates have the option to receive full medical insurance. We also offer malpractice insurance out of an abundance of caution to keep you safe in the event of a malpractice claim.

Generous Paid Time Off

Relax and take vacation – while still getting paid! Paid time off is important to re-energize our associates, plus the Traveling Tails Vet Clinics are closed every Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy your weekend with your own furry friends and family.

Encouragement for Continued Education

We know how important it is to continue learning which is why we offer an education allowance and mentorship for our associates.

Work-Life Balance With a Flexible Schedule

Having a work-life balance is important for many reasons. That’s why we offer a flexible work schedule so you have a say in what hours you work. Did we mention our clinics are also closed on the weekends?

The Importance of Employee Benefits

The benefits we offer matter for the following reasons.

Offsetting Costs

If your package includes health insurance, you can easily cover some or all of your medical bills instead of paying them out of pocket. Sometimes, the bills would have been too high for you to afford.

Helps Establish An Excellent Work-Life Balance

As an employer, we offer you paid time off and a flexible work schedule, which enables you to achieve a balance between your personal life and your job. Therefore, working with us will help you achieve greater satisfaction at work and less stress.

veterinary jobs in san antonio

Why Choose San Antonio

If you’re not already residing in San Antonio, you may wonder if San Antonio is a culture fit for you. While San Antonio is one of the biggest cities in Texas and it is quickly climbing the ranks for its fast growth and high-quality life, you still get the close knit friendly feel of a small town. We like to think of it as the best of both worlds! Let us tell you why we love it!

Affordable Housing Market & Cost of Living

Looking to buy a house soon? San Antonio’s housing market is still affordable and within reach for many residents. San Antonio has also been ranked as one of the most affordable cities to reside in the United States.You can enjoy everything the city has to offer without straining.

A Family Centric City

Have little ones or are thinking of starting a family soon? Or maybe your fur babies deserve the best (they all do!). San Antonio is a family centric city with safe neighborhoods, great school districts, beautiful views, and all around friendly people.

Rich in Culture

San Antonio is home to many places filled with Texas history. From the Alamo to the old colonial Spanish Missions to the River Walk, there is something for everyone here. Plus you’re only an hour away from Texas Hill Country!

Mild Winters

Hate shoveling snow? Lucky for you, the winters in central Texas are mild. While our summers are toasty, there are many pools and natural rivers and lakes nearby for you to keep you and your loved ones cool.

A Robust Economic and Healthcare Scene

San Antonio’s medical district is full of diverse practices and several are ranked the state’s best hospitals.

Where are veterinarian jobs available?

The job opening are located in San Antonio Texas!

Reach Out! We have the veterinarian job you were looking for!

At Traveling Tails we care deeply about the happiness of our associates and look forward to hearing from you. If you’re ready to join our team, apply here.